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This I Believe is a movement encouraging people to share, in essay format, their core values guiding their everyday lives. The movement began in the 1950s with radio host Edward R. Murrow.

When This I Believe was conceived, one of the goals was “to facilitate a higher standard of active public discourse by inspiring people to reflect, encouraging them to share, and engaging them in a conversation about personal values and beliefs that can shape a life, a community, and a society. By inviting Americans of diverse backgrounds to participate in the series, we hope to create a picture of the American spirit in all its rich complexity.”

This year, seniors and a few faculty members will be delivering their own This I Believe essays in our Monday assemblies. The videos on this page will be updated as each member of the senior class delivers their speech.


Luke Greisler

Good morning! My name is Luke Greisler for those of you that don't know, and I am a lifer here at York Country Day. I started in Mrs. Lears' kindergarten class, which does indeed seem like yesterday. The elderly...many of our parents aren't kidding when they say that time flies.

Sports have played an integral part in my life. I have played baseball since I was 5, stepped foot on the basketball court in 6th grade, and started playing high school golf last year when I was a junior and although it may be far from the truth, I still like to believe that I am way better than all of my friends. It probably sounds incredibly clichéd, but I strongly believe in the power of sports.

To many, sports are just a game. I'm sure that everyone here has heard that many times. Don't get me wrong, that is 100% true, and it is not something that we should lose perspective of. However, to me at least, sports are way more than just games in this sense; many life lessons are learned through sports, more so than what you might realize. I have learned lessons of persistence, teamwork, and how to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Everyone knows what it’s like to be on the losing side of a blowout, as well as the winning side. Think about how you would feel in their scenario, for you may want to let your emotions get out of hand. Accept the result, both good or bad, and move on for pride comes before a fall, and those who stand against you shall eventually be defeated. This applies to much more than just sports.

These very lessons carry over into other aspects of life, as I just stated. I have been much better off experiencing loss on a playing field prior to, say, receiving a bad grade (or earning a bad grade, for all the teachers out there). I understand how to deal with this very negativity because I have seen it before, whereas without sports this would’ve been something totally new. What I’ve seen is the need to try again, the power that comes from rebounding. The great Vince Lombardi stated that “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up”. Sports have helped me to bounce back up in this way. This persistence-like mindset has helped me tremendously through many parts of my life.

Throughout my college application essay, I talked about finding the greater purpose within the game of baseball. My teammates and I used to pray before games with my dad, who was the team chaplain. Prior to the first game each tournament, we would pray for safety, composure, and the ability to find this thing that we call “the greater purpose”. The greater purpose is what I have described as the lessons learned through sports. I have successfully achieved that greater purpose. While I'm not planning on playing baseball in college, I have gotten out of sports what I wanted to, and that is why I feel comfortable walking away. I would like to offer a piece of advice to those of you who may have this conflict one day: Although I may sell my equipment or put my glove in a storage container, I will retain what I've learned and utilize it throughout my entire life, and so will you. Pursue what you love, and try to find a lesson inside of it. Thank you.

Posted by on Monday February, 5, 2018

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