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This I Believe is a movement encouraging people to share, in essay format, their core values guiding their everyday lives. The movement began in the 1950s with radio host Edward R. Murrow.

When This I Believe was conceived, one of the goals was “to facilitate a higher standard of active public discourse by inspiring people to reflect, encouraging them to share, and engaging them in a conversation about personal values and beliefs that can shape a life, a community, and a society. By inviting Americans of diverse backgrounds to participate in the series, we hope to create a picture of the American spirit in all its rich complexity.”

This year, seniors and a few faculty members will be delivering their own This I Believe essays in our Monday assemblies. The videos on this page will be updated as each member of the senior class delivers their speech.


Nicholas May

I believe in being self-centered. A recent debate I had with someone about whether or not self-centeredness was a good thing or not is what made me decide to speak about this topic. Now don’t misinterpret that as saying that I believe in being a narcissist or being selfish, because I don’t. I think being self-centered carries a negative connotation in today’s society because it gets clumped together with characteristics such as selfishness and narcissism, which is wrong. The difference is that self-centeredness is doing what’s best for yourself so that you can prosper and do what you want to in life, because the only sure constant in your entire life is yourself. This does not mean to totally disregard everyone around you, but if you center your focus on someone, or something else, you are giving away control of your own life. It’s like how flight attendants always say that in the case of an emergency you should put your oxygen mask on first, and then help anyone who needs assistance. Friends, pets, colleagues, family etc. they will never be there for your entire life, but you will be. That means that sacrifices might have to be made so that your life ends up how you want it to be, even if that sacrifice is something as small as not hanging out with friends or not going golfing with your dad because you have the ACT in a week.

That’s what happened to me. I had taken the ACT once and did not do as well as I wanted, so when I had the opportunity to take it again, I kind of shut myself out from everyone so that I could study and take practice exams. I decided that I needed to be more self-centered so that I could do better on the test and increase my chances of getting into the colleges I want to go to. And you know what happened? I not only vastly improved my score, but I even exceeded my own expectations. So by focusing on myself and becoming more self-centered for just that week, I was able to better my own future for years to come and I think all of you can do the same.

So if you tuned out or haven’t been paying attention to my rambling, which I don’t blame you I mean it is a Monday morning, at least listen now and take this with you: take care of yourself first, be centered, be grounded, take control of your life, and don’t get derailed by the circumstances around you.

Posted by on Friday February, 23, 2018

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