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This I Believe is a movement encouraging people to share, in essay format, their core values guiding their everyday lives. The movement began in the 1950s with radio host Edward R. Murrow.

When This I Believe was conceived, one of the goals was “to facilitate a higher standard of active public discourse by inspiring people to reflect, encouraging them to share, and engaging them in a conversation about personal values and beliefs that can shape a life, a community, and a society. By inviting Americans of diverse backgrounds to participate in the series, we hope to create a picture of the American spirit in all its rich complexity.”

This year, seniors and a few faculty members will be delivering their own This I Believe essays in our Monday assemblies. The videos on this page will be updated as each member of the senior class delivers their speech.


Chanel Quashie

I believe in taking photos. It’s not necessarily about how a picture looks, I believe that taking photos is an art of memory keeping. I love the way a photo can capture a moment before it is gone.

When you ask people what personal items they would rescue from their house if it was on fire, one of the most frequent answers is a family photo album. This impulse to save our recorded memories is a powerful force which tells us a lot about the role of photography in our lives. One of the items I would take with me is my phone. I know my mom is probably like, “no shocker”. I would take my phone because that is where majority of my memories are stored. I currently have about 6,000 pictures and 2,000 videos. I love the fact that I can go back and relive a memory through a picture or video.

With my uncle’s passing I realized just how important taking photos is to me. Death is never an easy thing, however one of the things that helped me during this time, were pictures of my uncle. Some people may ask, wouldn’t pictures of him make it harder because you are reminded of his death. The answer to that is no. In fact, it does the opposite. Pictures of him remind me of the funny, kind-hearted person my uncle was. It brings back all the memories I have with him, specifically when he would always ask me for some of my hair because he was bald. Everyday when I walk in my house, I look at one of my his pictures that is sitting on our mantel and I smile.

Taking photos is also a form of communication. Take for instance Snapchat, for the older people, Snapchat is an app where you can take photos and videos and send them to a certain person or people. You can also post pictures and videos to your story where the people you added on the app can see. You are allowing people to catch a glimpse of what you experienced in that moment of taking that photo. You are taking and sharing photos so others are able to appreciate the beauty, comedy, or whatever emotion that you witnessed in taking the photo.

Times when I am truly happy and I’m around the people I love and care about are the moments I want to preserve forever, and my way of doing that is by taking photos or recording videos. I believe that photography, is a powerful language that speaks to our emotions. It allows us to tell a story without putting it into words. It allows us a to capture a memory that can be kept forever. It allows us to express ourselves. It can transport a person who views your photo into that split second in time. So, if you don’t remember anything from my speech, remember this: Life is a movie but there will never be a sequel. Capture as many moments as you can.

Posted by on Monday March, 19, 2018

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