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This I Believe is a movement encouraging people to share, in essay format, their core values guiding their everyday lives. The movement began in the 1950s with radio host Edward R. Murrow.

When This I Believe was conceived, one of the goals was “to facilitate a higher standard of active public discourse by inspiring people to reflect, encouraging them to share, and engaging them in a conversation about personal values and beliefs that can shape a life, a community, and a society. By inviting Americans of diverse backgrounds to participate in the series, we hope to create a picture of the American spirit in all its rich complexity.”

This year, seniors and a few faculty members will be delivering their own This I Believe essays in our Monday assemblies. The videos on this page will be updated as each member of the senior class delivers their speech.


Haoyang (Gary) Zhang

I believe that art is one of the best ways to express ourselves to other people. As a student who has been doing art for more than ten years, I strongly believe that art’s main purpose is to connect us all together, through evoke our emotions, share our culture, and appeal to our senses. Art is a way for us to communicate with each other.

Each time my pencil touches paper, I bare another piece of myself for other people to see. Art offers a door for the soul. The creativity I use to create art comes from the things within me. I believe that my creativity is from my emotions and can be felt by us all. Art is used to evoke emotion. Art can move us to tears or make us think of the happy times with a subject matter. We each share memories of similar experiences. I have laughed with friends, visited with family, experienced loss, and shared happiness just as I know all of you have. The art that I create is an expression of what I feel and experience. It connects me to each of you through our emotional response.

I believe that art is a reflection of the culture in which I live today. It comes from the collective experiences that make up who I am and who all of us are. These experiences are those we all share and to which we all can relate. These connections can be unique to the culture in which we live. For example, in each culture, color can have various meanings and connotations. For example, the use of white in American weddings symbolizes purity. In China, however, white represents grief and is used in funerals.

Art can be used in several ways to connect us. I could use art to call attention to political issues that I do not agree with and think that you also should not agree with. In my junior year, I did a painting for Mr. Gyenes’ final. It was about the attack on Pearl Harbor. I did that piece because I did not agree with what America did. Many sad history events were buried by time and I only want to help people to remember the real history, to prevent people in the future from making the same mistake. Art can rally us together for a common goal or purpose and can create growth and change.

That is what art is all about, communication of ideas, thoughts, and emotions. I believe in art.

Posted by on Monday March, 19, 2018

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