An Extraordinary Independent School

Early Learners (2.7 year-olds) through Grade 12

The 19 seniors who graduated from YCDS in 2022 were accepted to nearly 80 colleges, universities and technical schools! YCDS provides the skills and experiences for students to have numerous post-secondary opportunities and merit scholarships.  

Welcome to York Country Day School, where we cultivate Purpose, Passion, and Promise.

For over 6 decades, York Country Day School has demonstrated that its unique and dynamic program yields extraordinary results. 

A Look into Our Private School

Our Mission

Veritas. Truth. This single word embodies the foundation and mission of York Country Day School, a Pre/K-12 independent private school located in York, PA. Since its founding in 1953, YCDS has partnered with each student to pursue personal truth through human-centered education.

York Country Day School offers a robust academic program built on classical education and student engagement. This solid educational heritage has helped YCDS earn accreditation by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools and the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges. As a result, YCDS students are prepared, intentional, empowered to lead lives while honoring the voices of others. 

What Are The Hallmarks of A Private Education at YCDS?

Several factors fuel the YCDS student’s enthusiasm for learning. At the center is the school's intentional and dynamic curriculum that incorporates project-based learning aligned with five signature programs. 

STEAM program: This program integrates the teaching of science, technology, engineering, the arts and math.

Service Learning program: The Service Learning program incorporates hands-on learning that promotes community engagement and service. 

Capstone 5812 program: As the name implies, the Capstone 5812 program presents students in grades 5, 8 and 12 with challenging culminating projects as they complete the lower, middle and upper grades. 

Wellness program: In this segment, students acquire skills necessary to develop and strengthen their emotional and physical health.  

College Connect program: Students preparing for advanced education avail themselves of classes, workshops and other learning opportunities in the College Connect program. All Upper School students graduate with at least 12 college credits from York College of Pennsylvania. This extensive elective base and class offerings provides students with opportunities and experiences found only in higher education.  

Community and A Love for Learning

YCDS embraces an authentic and  human-centered educational experience. Students pursue knowledge and personal truths with devotion as they work collaboratively with faculty, mentors, and peers in powerful ways. Cross-graded activities and learning opportunities strengthen students' sense of self and the importance of community.  

YCDS faculty engage in professional development year-round opportunities to strengthen their craft and to remain at the forefront of innovative instruction. The School is committed to the hiring and retention of dynamic and gifted educators who inspire students to reach their academic promise.  

Learn More About Our Community 

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