Giving to YCDS

Thank you for joining us for our Extraordinary by Design Campaign: Transforming Student Lives Event. If you were unable to attend, a recording will be sent shortly. 

Please consider a gift that is meaningful to you. The York Country Day School students and faculty are truly appreciative. You can transform lives today.

Houndsgiving 2021 Donor Roll

Corbin Shanabrough
Lyla Zimliki
Olivia Prowell
Leena Pike
Louisa Perkins
Michael Barillas
Eutaw Shaffer
Coleen Kuchnicki
Jon Ortiz
Preston Beam
Mason Spies
Stella Wolfe
Gianalis Ortiz
Jenna Morris
Caroline Danner
Sydney Rudisill
Sydney Rudisill
Madison Leisenring
Carson Charleston
Emily Mock
Joseph Tansey
Elan Azriel
Elizabeth Waltersdorff
Matthew Saylor
William Klunk
Sophia Brands
Max Lucas
Camden Lambert
Sage Peel
Cora Malcarne
Maxie D'Adamo
Benjamin Shineman
Alexis Caldwell
Charles Zimliki
Maddy Prowell
Miles Ream
Gabbie Burkey
Isabella Russo
Noah Juffe
Krish Madhogarhia
Parker Hoang
Kendall Lewis
Quinn Buchmeyer
Avery Bumbaugh
Camden Shaffer
Ulyesses Stoutenburg
Emilie Kuchnicki
Claude Nashukuru
Ashur Caldwell
Noah Niyigena
Anthony Shaffer
Jayden Moolman
Dylan Kelley
Abigail Warner
Aamir Raja
Lucian Filip
Mason Damon
Noriah Nusair
Ryhan Quarles
Kimberly Yuan
Jericho Church
Marianna Strassle-Sproghe
Karsten Pike
Max Wolfe
Olivia Yeager
Alex Lucas
Amelia Burkey
Jameson Shanabrough
Cerri Freed
Killian Nichols
Owen Moscola
Carson Urey
Matthew Feil
Camelia Yakovlev
Harrison Engler
Peyton Goulbourne
Erich Pike
Addison (Addie) Peel
Alyssa Vottero
Matteo Russo
Christian Heine
Josiah Miller
Josie Kraft
Sara Harris
Kelvin Lulo
Leo Bradley
Carsyn Warner
Jason Shaffer
Emma Feil
Keegan Woods
Nicholas Urey
Elisa Daijuba
Caitlin Damon
Allison Kuchnicki
Bruk Elias
Harper Spies
Wissam Nusair
Bruk Elias
Allison Rudisill
Erik Strassle-Sproghe
Coleman Malcarne
Lilya Yakovlev
Stephen Moolman
Olivia Snyder
Aliza Holcomb
Zahra Raja
Sydney Saville
Linval Griffiths
Kennedy Buchmyer
MJ Vottero
Lina Front
Wesley Wolfe
Katie Burt
Sadie Kraft
Everitt Heine
Emma Leibfried
Josie Holland
Elijah Quarles
Carli Shaffer
Camrynn Leisenring
Owen Urey
Brandon Charleston
David Rodriguez
Cameron Croom
Yeriel Volquez
Patrick Bahati
Maclean Abbott
Allison Saylor
Eli Steel
Mitchell Bradley
Kristen Rambeau-Myers
Robert Rivera Medina
Donna Ward
Marianne Babcock
Amy Smith
Sandra and Bruce Gilbert
Chad and Karen Bumbaugh
Michael Mudrick
Ines Ramirez
Elizabeth and Paul Knaub
Zach and Hannah (Huber) Bankert
Heather Danforth
Luann Eichelberger
Lindsay Quinlan
Traci Stover
Kristen and Jerry G Grim
Tony Rupper
Cynthia Stoner
Deborah Richardson
Steve and Jenn Tansey
Tom and Dena Meagher
Laura Kloop
Vicki Clouser
Elizabeth and Paul Kienle
Jill Bleeker
Traci Burch Barillas
Matthew Williams
Rob and wife Yeager
Lori and Robert Williams
Julie Saville
Alisha Ellinger
Alisha Ellingher
Rebecca and Matthew Shineman
Steven Askling
Sarah White
Jacob Mahoney
Aaron Browne
Joseph Juffe
Rana Singh
Layla Porcher
Keeva Nichols
Clare D'Adamo
Ben Burkey
Reese Dacheux
Cameron Knaub
Vivienne Shineman
Ethan Moolman
Matthew Jones
Coni Wolf
David and Audrey Walker
Shaleeta Washington
Melanie Stover
Brittany Hopwood
Stefany Laun
Rob and Sally Frey
Rebecca and CJ Ream
Abbey Miller
Sarah Erb
Mort and Carolyn Zifferer
Jane Heine
Chrissa May
Pamela Gunter-Smith
Holly Birnbach
Franny and Kathy Heine
Samuel and Suzanen Simmons
Mary Dolheimer
Phyllis Danforth
Kristine Long
Mary Gallager
George and Robin Brenton
Tom and Jessica Randisi
Virgina Anderson
Mark Rigg
Elizabeth Burns Frey
Roxanne Castellanos
Glenn Miller
Kristen and Joe Gurreri
Atticus Rice
Sue Kane
Frank and Rebecca Countess
Liz Shorb
William and Jenn Steel
Michael and Molly Wertz
Kari Miller
Adele Weichert
Christina Aulbach
Stacey Filippone
Colleen Simpson
Christina Ausherman
Amanda Sharp
Jake and Holly Doll
Elia Filippone
Elia Filippone
Cynthia (Cindy) Vaught
Paige Hoke
Matt Tomney
Kelly Linnell
Regina Wallace
Kristi Spies
Jill Bashada
Amber Dachuex
Justin and Jamie Graham
Michelle Schneider
Weston Gricks
Diane Strickland
Jamie Ellis
Kimberly Vottero
Thomas Nemetz
Thaddeus Abbott
David Tuten
Marbie Tarburton
Emily Laughlin
Mary Hunter
Kimberly Vottero
Jillian Giese
Jenn Kauffman
Sarah Perkins
Micah Pflaum
Kris Jones
Elizabeth Radimer
Keila Sanchez
Paul and Christine Heine
Joe and Barbara Vottero
Terry and Sally Burkey
Mary and Jim Randisi
Tom and SueEllen Clay
Judith Strine
Karen Willman
Henry and Barb Nixon
Rita Galford
John and Arlene Feil
Kimberly Shineman
Nancy Martin
Thomas and Theresa Mudrick
Cynthia Budrow
Marian J Hamilton
Doris Feltenberger
Robert Danworth
Rob and Becky Kinsley
Stacie and Dylan Lissette
Kristin and Rob (ABC) Schab
Pete and Mindy Knaub
Suzanne Burt
Healther Dalton
Kristi and Jack Lucas
Melissa Front
Kathryn Nonas-Hunter
Christopher and Deborah Freed
Ilya Yakolev
April Ballou
Eric Ling
Brigette Hagerty
Debbie Burton
Haiping Yuan
Loretta Brooks
Brent and Laura Burkey
Sonia Brewer
Lindsey William
Jane Earnst
Jennifer Damon
Aaron and Malene Quarles
Hayley Croom
Zachary and Tracy Hearn
Jennifer and husband Shatzkin
Rory and Carolyn Kraft
Carl Saville
Jennifer Engler
Jay Spies
Erica Keinle
Keith Keinle
Marcia Morris
Richard and Anne Saylor
Jesse Croom
Richard Butler
Leon Butler
Shelly and Matt Clay-Robison
Equilla Burns
Nicole Shanabrough
Martin Miller
Chris Shanabrough
Cathy Butler
Francine Jackson
Jay and Pat Azriel
Whitney Evans
Amanda Pittinger
Scott Snyder
Matt, Tonia, and Mya Calabretta
Laura Wand
Leo Zimliki
Lyla Zimliki
Robert and Merry Barnas
Thank you to all of our donors!

At York Country Day School, one tenet remains the same: to serve and care for our collective Greyhound family and beyond. The steadfast support remains a beacon of light for so many as we learn and lean into this journey of change. 

As we embark on our first-ever comprehensive campaign, we celebrate the opportunity to provide experiences for members of our community to ignite their intellectual, social, and civic passions. Our campaign focuses on the ability to create accessibility and affordability where a YCDS education is an opportunity for all students. 

Join us to ensure that all students and faculty have the resources and financial aid to thrive and pursue their passions in excellence.

Learn more about the Evolve Campaign here.

Because of You

Thank you for all you do to make York Country Day School truly extraordinary. Your gifts of time, talent, and treasure continue to transform our program and our campus. We are grateful for your partnership. Find our Honor Roll of Donors here.

*Every attempt is made to avoid mistakes; however, if you notice an error, please contact us at 717-815-6700.
    • Mrs. Laura Burkey

      Director of Development

Your Gift Makes a Difference

The York Country Day School Annual Fund enhances the YCDS experience by providing vital annual support for our students in all aspects of their education.

This ensures that the school can sustain its rigorous curriculum, off-campus learning experiences, financial aid and much more.

Each donation is tax-deductible because of our 501(c)3 nonprofit status. Last year, every faculty and staff member donated to our school, which is a vote of confidence not many independent schools can boast.

We are committed to each student's success and our team effort in the realization of this ideal. Please support the future by making a gift here. Thank you for your generosity!

Extraordinary by Design Capitol Campaign

There are many ways to join this historic campaign. Don't hesitate to reach out to Laura Burkey, Director of Development, at or 717.815.6713.