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Houndsgiving Countdown

    • Happy Houndsgiving 2022!

Houndsgiving 2022 Donor Roll

Troy Miller
Virginia Anderson
The Zimliki Family
Coni Wolf
Laura and Brent Burkey
Jill Bashada
Kristen and Alex Rambeau-Myers
Adele Weichert
Frank and Rebecca Countess
Laura Koop
Emily Laughlin
Jill Bleeker
Domenica Whelan
Chad Bumbaugh
Jim and Mary Randisi
Michele Schneider
Kristi Lucas
Max and Alex Lucas
Kristy McMaster
Jennifer Steel
Traci Burch Barillas
Russo Family
D'Adamo Family
Pamela Hunter
Regina Wallace
Camden Shaffer
Elizabeth Burns Frey
Eutaw Shaffer
Ellen Crites
Mary Ann Gallagher
Rory Kraft
Suzi Burt
Pete Knaub
Ilya Yakovlev
Virginia Anderson
Anne Saylor
Bruk Elias
Jamie Graham
Harvey Williams
Mac Abbott
Tallie Wiliams
Annikea Swenson
Stella Wolfe
Erich Pike
Amir Raja
Everitt Heine
Colin Openshaw
Connor Openshaw
Micah Pflaum
Sean Milam
Erin Titter
Kim Vottero
Melisa and Tim Yacum
Jim and Bonni Argabright
Owen Carlson
Arlene and John Feil
Josiah Miller
Miles Reams
Sydney Saville
Jacob Fernalds
Eli Steel
Mya Calabretta
Evan Haglin
Tobias Aberl
Allison Babcock
Karsten Pike
Quinn and Kennedi Buchmyer
Zane Brown
Wesley Wolfe
Camden Lambert
Terry and Sally Burkey
Cassidy Carey
Marianna Strassle-Sprogh
Emma Ware
Ben Waters
Laura Clouser
Stephen Moolman
Cameron Croom
Luca Filip
Joanne Brubaker
Daneill Herrold
Anne Brosoxki
Carlie Shaffer
Linval Griffiths
Miles Resch
Ella Coleman
Caitlin Damon
Rhyan Quarles
Carrie Ely
Amandine Lejune
Harper Spies
Mason Spies
Kristi and Jay Spies
Winnie Doll
Kari Miller
Marty Miller
Thaddeus Abbott
Denise Kaltreider
Mandy Sharp
Max Qolfe
Matt Tomney
Hadley Grim
Eric Baskeville
Margaret Sentz
Sydney Williams
Will Estes
Denise Hoke
Brycen Curley
Matthew Feil
TJ Shaffer
Leon Dean
Amanda Shaffer
Sameera Pillai
Sebastian Sinclair
Lori Williams
Kevin Childer
Lisa Krout
Joseph & Carol Rooney
LuAnn & Gerald Eichelberger
Maria Allen
Ben Grimm
Betty McKim
Janelle Graham
Carson Urey
Julia Meagher
Jahziah Ford
Karen Jacobs Buchmyer
Beth Shipley
DaVona Boyd
Wanda Thompson-Burling
Jeff Herman
Kael Williams
Preston Beam
Katherine Milam
Tim and Shelly Gilson
Michael Brothers
Addie Peel
Sage Peel
Tony Ruppert
Merle Meashey
Bridgette Hagerty
Paige Hoke
Tom Randisi
Dejay Meredith
Rachel Travers
Colleen Simpson
Sonia Brewer
Jen Kauffman
Asavari Thatte
Nicole Openshaw
Carson Charleston
Katie Burt
David Rodriguez
Erica Levitt
Alzette Georgi
Chris Ausherman
Teleigh Weaver
Lily Yacovelv
Grace Stover
Jake Doll
Jason Shaffer
Tana McNamara
Rana Singh
Yerial Volquez
Hayley Croom
Jennifer DeAngelo Elise Torres
Griffin Hamner
Soren Paleshi
Ryan Ames
Kyle Hearn
Isla Shaffer
Travis Watkins
Eli Juffe
Harper Hunter
Josiah Hunter
Grace Zeller
Sophia Brands
Alison Kuchnicki
Sawyer Linnell
Ben Shineman
Annecy Georgi
Keane Carlsen
Wolfie Pike
Rose Hoang
CHelsea Bankert
Emily Adkins
Lucia Clay-Robison
Noah Juffe
Jacob Evans
Abraham Miller
Briana Brindley
Abby Warner
Austin Boie
Harry Mock
Hannah Bankert
Tom and Dena Meagher
Soren Carlsen
Ashley Grimm
Jesse Croom
Alicia Carlsen
Will Zeller
Gio Russo
Leah Meskey
Kelvin Lulo
Jax Peel
Delaney Phillips
Norah Warner
Parker Phillips
Addison Smith
Olivia Prowell
Leena Pike
Caden Peffley
Wesley Beam
Rumi Chadry
Yeliz Nurlu
Cora Palisoc
Cameron Shaffer
Sophia Xiao
Linval Griffiths
Dylan Kelley
Erika Swenson
Emilie Kuchnicki
Anthony Shaffer
Parker Hoang
Kara Krickler
Alice Liu
Hudson Doll
Cameron Knaub
Cody Smith
Lazar Filip
Maddi Prowell
Breckin Grim
Jalon Ritter
Malcolm Cannizzaro
Joe Juffe
Marbie Tarburton
Maxi D'Adamo
Nancy and Carl Martin
Josh Elias
Brendan Mudrick
Gracey Meskey
Rosie Witherup
Vivienne Shineman
Wesley Smith
Mila Dusich-Hunter
Bradford Phillips
Elizabeth Radimer
Violet Geise
Sandra Gilbert
Bruce Gilbert
Katie Torres
Stacey Filippone
Elia Filippone
Pamela Gibboney
Kristen Guerreri Thomas and SueEllen Clay
Paul Parsells
Haiping Yuan
Loretta Brooks
Deborah Richardson
Corinne Kahler
Emily Kuhl
Mudrick Family
Rob Kinsley
Barb and Joe Vottero
Christine and Paul Heine
Sarah and Jarod Erb
Suzi Burt
June Hestand
Erinn Hulley
Thank you to all of our donors!

York Country Day School Comprehensive Evolve Campaign

At York Country Day School, one tenet remains the same: to serve and care for our collective Greyhound family and beyond. The steadfast support remains a beacon of light for so many as we learn and lean into this journey of change. 

As we embark on our first-ever comprehensive campaign, we celebrate the opportunity to provide experiences for members of our community to ignite their intellectual, social, and civic passions. Our campaign focuses on the ability to create accessibility and affordability where a YCDS education is an opportunity for all students. 

Join us to ensure that all students and faculty have the resources and financial aid to thrive and pursue their passions in excellence.

Learn more about the Evolve Campaign here.
    • Mrs. Laura Burkey

      Director of Development

Your Gift Makes a Difference

The York Country Day School Annual Fund enhances the YCDS experience by providing vital annual support for our students in all aspects of their education.

This ensures that the school can sustain its rigorous curriculum, off-campus learning experiences, financial aid and much more.

Each donation is tax-deductible because of our 501(c)3 nonprofit status. Last year, every faculty and staff member donated to our school, which is a vote of confidence not many independent schools can boast.

We are committed to each student's success and our team effort in the realization of this ideal. Please support the future by making a gift here. Thank you for your generosity!

Extraordinary by Design Capitol Campaign

There are many ways to join this historic campaign. Don't hesitate to reach out to Laura Burkey, Director of Development, at or 717.815.6713.