Summer Programs

York Country Day School is proud to offer a variety of summer camps to fit your family’s interests. Are your children ready to explore, create, and discover a summer filled with fun and adventure? Our camps offer a wide variety of innovative and engaging activities. Summer is a time to remain engaged.From building robots, performing in a play, participating in team building, to enjoying physical fitness in our sports camps; we have something for all. Spaces are limited. Enroll using our website today!

To register click the "Register For Summer Programs" button below. Please complete the forms below and send them with payment to:

Jamie Graham
York Country Day School
1000 Indian Rock Dam Road
York, PA 17403

Questions? Please email Jamie Graham, Director of Summer Programs, at
    • Director of Summer Programs

      Mrs. Jamie Graham

      Director of Summer Programs

Summer Program Policies

  • The registration deadline for all summer camps registration is June 1, 2019.
  • Campers should register for camps based on their grade level as of Sept. 1, 2019
  • All camp fees, including a $25 non-refundable registration fee, per registrant, are due at the time of registration
  • Checks should be made payable to YCDS
  • Registration confirmations will be emailed prior to the beginning of the camp
  • Payment will be returned only if the camp is full or if the program is canceled
  • Refunds will be granted ONLY if the request is made in writing to the Director of Summer Programs prior to June 1.

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  • Camp Greyhound Day Camp (Grades K-6)

    Have you ever wondered what kind of fun science experiments you could find in your kitchen? Is slime making part of your weekly routine? What do you know about different cultures around the world? Join us at York Country Day School for Camp Greyhound! This exciting day camp includes art, swimming, fitness, and exploration. Lunch and two daily snacks are provided every day. Every Friday, students will go on field trip adventures or have a special in- house program that compliments the weekly theme. Our last two weeks of camp will help students reset their school mindset, as we plan invigorating and mind-stimulating activities to activate learning at age-appropriate levels. Sign up today to reserve your spot as registration is limited.

    June 10-August 16 (10 sessions)
    8 00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
    Before care begins at 7: 30 a.m.
    Extended day until 5:30 p.m.
    $215 week/ $260 with extended day options

    Day Camp Information:
    • 12:1 student, counselor ratio
    • Daily swimming at the Grumbacher Sports and Fitness Center located at York College of Pennsylvania
    • Camp fees include a nutritious lunch, snacks, and drinks
    • Enrollment is based on the camper’s grade as of September 1, 2019
    • Camper drop-off is 8 00 a.m. and pick-up is 4:00 p.m.
    • Before care and extended care is available starting at 7:30 a.m. and ending at 5:30 p.m. for an additional fee
    • Register for 4 or more weeks of camp at one time and receive a 10% discount on the weekly program fee
    • Register a sibling for 4 or more weeks at a time and receive a 10% discount on the weekly program fee
    For questions regarding Camp Greyhound, please contact Jamie Graham 717-815-6759 or
  • Little Learners Camp (Ages 3-5)

    Little Learners Camp provides the opportunity for children ages 3-5 to play, explore, investigate, and experiment in a safe, fun learning environment. This program is perfect for students who are preparing for the classroom either in Pre-K or Kindergarten. Little Learners is led by experienced teachers with caring and high-quality counselors.
    • Students must be reliably potty trained to attend camp
    $175 per session

    Session 1 - Down on the Farm
    Children will participate in animal themed art projects, science related gardening activities, and farm themed group games. They will “milk a cow” without using a real cow and learn about the many uses of milk, and why it is good for the body. At the end of the week the children will participate in a cooking activity.
    June 17-21
    8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

    Session 2 - Pirates
    Children will participate in dramatic play type activities and dress like a pirate, talk like a pirate, and act like a pirate. Art activities for the week will have a pirate and island theme, and a ship building project.
    June 24-28
    8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
    For questions regarding Little Learners Camp, please contact Jamie Graham 717-815-6759 or
    A minimum of 7 students must be registered for Little Learners Camp.
  • Science Through Stories (Grades K-2)

    What kind of piggy house won’t blow down? What does the beanstalk need to grow so tall? How many letters can the coconut tree hold? How can farmer McGregor keep Peter Rabbit out of his garden? What is the best habitat for the Big Bad Wolf? In this camp we will explore science and engineering concepts using familiar children’s stories and activities that encourage creativity and problem solving.

    8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
    June 24-28

    For questions regarding this camp, please contact Liz Charleston at

    A minimum of 7 students must be registered for this camp.
  • Gizmos and Gadgets (Grades 2-4) - FULL

    Anyone can be an inventor. When faced with a problem, engineers often design solutions in the form of mechanical or electrictronic devices. Through this immersive, hands-on creative problem- solving environment, campers will be challenged to design solutions to fantastical and real-world problems using the engineering design process, robot programing, and circuit building.

    8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
    July 8-12

    For questions regarding this camp, please contact Liz Charleston at

    A minimum of 7 students must be registered for this camp.
  • Mindstorms Space Odyssey (Grades 4-8)

    Exploring space provides a perfect opportunity for aspiring engineers. Join us in tackling some creative challenges that will simulate what engineers must examine when designing equipment for missions to unknown areas. Using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 platform, campers will design and build robotic systems that will explore the planets, astronomical bodies, and deep space. Using design thinking, campers will solve challenges and figure out what to do when unexpected events interrupt the mission plans.
    • Week 1
    Students will build the basic EV3 robot to complete simple tasks, such as navigating to a specific location, collecting and moving materials, and identifying the environment with the touch, ultrasonic, and color sensors. Basic programming skills will be highlighted.
    • Week 2
    Students will design their own EV3 robot, with research and guidance, to achieve more complex tasks, such as navigation using sensors and the use of advanced mechanical structures. Advanced programming techniques will be introduced and utilized.

    Creativity, perseverance, and teamwork will be celebrated and encouraged. Having some programming experience is helpful for this camp, but not required. All challenges during both weeks of camp can be differentiated to meet the needs of each camper. 3-2-1 LEGO!

    8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
    Week 1- June 17 - 21
    Week 2- June 24-28

    For questions regarding this camp, please contact Liz Charleston at

    A minimum of 7 students must be registered for this camp.
  • Theatre Arts Production Camp: "Disney's Alladdin Kids" (Grades 2-8)

    This two week theatre camp will focus on discovering and honing fundamental acting skills like projection, expression through voice and body, creativity, confidence onstage, and cooperation. Students will have the opportunity to audition, rehearse and perform “Disney’s Aladdin Kids.” Lunch and Snack will be provided daily.

    The street urchin Aladdin uses a genie’s magical powers to vie for the princess Jasmine’s attention. Filled with familiar Disney characters like Iago, Jafar, the genie and many more, this musical adventure is filled with magic and excitement. Some production elements like set, costumes, and props design will also be explored. The camp will culminate with a public performance of the musical on July 26.

    8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
    July 15-July 26
    $400 for 2 week Camp
    For more information regarding this camp, please contact Paige Hoke at
    A minimum of 10 students must be registered for the Theatre Arts Production Camp.
  • Crafty Creations (Grades 2-6)

    Does your child like to craft and create? In this session, students will learn to use Cricut Design Space to customize craft projects. They will use adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, and cardstock paper in their designs. Some choice projects include: designing a water bottle, creating a personalized wooden sign, decorating a journal, making a t-shirt, crafting a pillow, and designing a happiness jar. This is a great session for team building and artistic expression.

    8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
    June 17-June 21
    For questions regarding Crafty Creations please contact Michelle Schneider at
    A minimum of 7 students must be registered for the Craft Creations Camp
  • Artistic Avenues (Grades 2-6)

    During this summer session students will complete four art projects. For the first project, students will learn about the artwork of Ted Harrison, and use warm and cool colors to create a seascape. The second summer art project, students will learn about the artwork of Audrey Flack, by creating still-life drawings and using shading techniques with colored pencils. Students will then learn about the pop artwork of Andy Warhol as we discuss and experiment with color theories and self-portraits. For the final art project, students will learn about the surreal artwork of Rene Magritte, and construct landscapes in various ways.

    8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
    June 17-June 21

    For questions regarding Artistic Avenues please contact Jamie Graham at

    A minimum of 7 students must be registered for this camp
  • Illustrations and Illusions (Grade 2-6)

    Does your child enjoy looking at the pictures in a story? During this summer art session, students will have the opportunity to study the artwork of Jim Dine, James Rizzi, and the incredible Dr. Seuss. Three art projects will be completed in this session focusing on action paintings, still life drawings, word art, and self- portraits. While discussing famous artists’ biographies and their specific work, students will also study radial symmetry and designed print. This is an art class is that sure to inspire.

    8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
    June 24-June 28

    For questions regarding Illustrations and Illusions please contact Jamie Graham at

    A minimum of 7 students must be registered for this camp
  • Spanish Speaking Jumpstart (Grades 3-6)

    Are you looking to have some fun, experience a different culture, try new things and learn Spanish this summer from a native speaker? If your answer is 'sí' or 'yes', join us during our summer session at YCDS. We will have different activities, and games to learn vocabulary related to sports, family, nature and other exciting topics, and learning-by-doing. Students will be able to identify familiar objects in Spanish and have a basic communication with other language learners.

    8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m

    Two sessions available:
    August 5 to August 9
    August 12 to August 16

    For questions regarding Spanish, please contact Ana J. Hernandez at

    A minimum of 7 students must be registered for the Spanish Speaking Jumpstart Camp.
  • Animation I (Grades 5-9)

    Do you like cartoons and drawing? Well then join us for a fun-filled week of learning basic character drawing techniques and animation from a professional in the field. We will be using Adobe’s Animate to bring your characters to life. Students will have several animations to show off by the completion of the camp.

    8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
    June 24- June 28

    For questions regarding Animation I, please contact Elia Filippone at

    A minimum of 7 students must be registered for Animation I
  • Animation II (Grades 5-9)

    Are you a novice at animating and want to learn more? Join our weeklong workshop where you will learn advanced animation techniques from a professional in the field. Students will be using Adobe’s Animate to bring your visions to life. Once completed students will have a collection of animation to showcase their talents.

    8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
    July 22-July 26

    For questions regarding Animation II, please contact Elia Filippone at

    A minimum of 7 students must be registered for Animation II
  • Photoshop (Grades 5-9)

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to edit photographs? Well then join us for a creative week of learning the basics of editing in Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn the fundamental functions to get started editing and improving photos. Students will learn the essential tools and concepts you need to successfully edit, retouch, and improve their image.

    8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
    Aug 12-16

    For questions regarding Photoshop, please contact Elia Filippone at

    A minimum of 7 students must be registered for Photoshop
  • Reading and Math Skills (Grades K-2) - FULL

    Reading and Math are two important areas in early elementary school. Maintain reading skills and math concepts over the summer is needed to prevent a summer slide. Whether your child is just starting school or needs to maintain their growth over the summer, we have the perfect camp for your child. During our Reading and Math sessions, your child will have the opportunity to practice their skills from the previous school year or get a jumpstart into their next school year. Our sessions are super engaging and rich in substance. Your child will actively learn through stories, games, one- on -one instruction, and play. At the end of the weekly session, the instructor will provide activities to complete for the following month’s session. Our reading and math sessions will keep the learning process going over the summer to help your child spring into the next school year. Join us for one week, or all three weeks.

    One session- $195
    All three sessions- $470
    Session 1: June 24 – June 28- 8:00a.m.-12:00 p.m.
    Session 2: July 22- July 26 -8:00a.m.-12:00 p.m.
    Session 3: August 5- August 9- 8:00 a.m -12:00 p.m.
    Contact Jamie Graham at for questions regarding the Reading and Math Skills session.
    There is minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 10 for Reading and Math Skills sessions.