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Houndsgiving 2024 Donor Roll

Troy Miller
Laura and Brent Burkey
Terry and Sally Burkey
Heidi and Brendon Quinlivan
Gabbie Burkey Ben Burkey Jill (and family) Bleeker
Marbie and Andy Tarburton
Janice Herrold
Christy Guadagnino
Mary and Timothy Blessing
Annette Coomber
Jennifer Casey
Danielle Herrold
Jessica Herrold
Jessica Herrold
Adele Weichert (and daughter)
Deborah Richardson
Frank Countess
Melissa Heffron
Thomas Burns
Hannah Huber
Bill Yanavitch
Bill Yanavitch
Domenica Whelan
Bea Heath
Quiana Dotson
Troy Miller
Qian Li
Corinne Kahler
Mary and Jim Randisi
Kristy Arata
Michelle Schnedier
Tiffany Hagmann
Wilma Bumbaugh
Chris Zinda
Cal McKee
Vera McKee
Rebecca Zeller
Caitlin Halbert
Shaleeta Washington
bRUCE Gilbert
Sandra Gilbert
Alex Lu cas
Jill Bashada
Kevin Jackson
Sonia Brewer
max lucas
Kristi lucas
jack lucase
Andria Biazzo
mort zifferer
Brent Fernald
Bill and Jenn Steel
Haiping Yuan
Paige Hoke
Alex and Kristen Rambeau Myers
Jennie Gelfand
Karen Bumbaugh
Kristen Gurreri
Lavern Dean
Marianne Babcock
Elizabeth Burns Frey
Ilya Yakovlev
Grace and Leah Meskey
John D'Adamo
Peter and Mindy Knaub
Ashley Grimm
Paul and Betsy Knaub
Jennifer DeAngelo
Anthony and Chrissa May
Rob Frey
Frans Beltran
Robert Kinsley
Jeffrey Herman
Erin Titter
Mary Ann Gallagher
Rachel Travers
Katlyn Sterner
Lauren Falonk
The Randisi Family
Dena and Tom Meagher
Tony Ruppert
Helen Ge
Chelsey Bankert
Glenn Miller
Briana Brindley
Shelly Clay-Robison
Jeff Vermeulen
hayley croom
Kristina Spies
Julie Saville
Jennifer Tjepkema
Junlong Liu
Jennifer Phillips
Vincent Cannizzaro
Philip Witherup
Anthony Conlin Torres
Tracey Gischel
Andrew Weaver
Arsalan Paleshi
Heather Stoutenburg
Dana Harrison
Melissa Anne Yakim
Kevin Feil
Traci Burch
Kristin Pike
Christine Heine
Matthew Calabretta
Stephen Arata
Courtney Buchanan Peel
Sean Georgi
Karen Peffley
Deborah Mummert
June Heistand
Sarah Lolley
William Yanavitch
Quinn Buchmyer
Zaccai Brown
Nathan Eshelman
Jensen Crone
Keegan Woods
Erika Swenson
Ella Coleman
Carlie Shaffer
Benjamin Waters
Nicholas Urey
Reese Heitzenrater
Wes Smith
Margaret Sentz
Flynn Dieter
Khloe Kocoronis
Emily Adkins
Caitlin Damon
Olivia Prowell
Eutaw Shaffer
Brynn Butler
Lyla Zimliki
Jason Shaffer
Jalon Ritter
Leo Zimliki
Maddy Prowell
Ray Ware
Camden Shaffer
Emilie Kuchnicki
Miles Reams
Cody Smith
Addison Peel
Reid Pergament
Stephan Moolman
Alison Kuchnicki
Matteo Russo
Laura Clouser
Maclean Abbott
Eli Steel
Vivian Austin
Maxwell Lucas
Nora Warner
Leah Meskey
Ayden Milam
Jon Ortiz
Bug Hanna-Barakat
Millie Boggs
Isaiah White
Julian Pustovoyt
Carter Sterner
Ronin Mirasol
Jamie Graham
Emelia Malcarne
Sydnee Williams
Ashley Grimm Kienle
Abigail Warner
Matthew Feil
Beckett Reynolds
Griffin Hamner
Emma Ware
Harry Mock
Aamir Raja
Cassidee Carey
Joshua Elias
Brycen Curley
Mila Dusich-Hunter
Kinsley Taylor
Vivian Shineman
Cameron Shaffer
Grace Meskey
Gio Russo
Everett Cunningham
Leyana Dean
Grace Stover
Kael Williams
Jahziah Ford
Patrick Hearn
Brendan Mudrick
Jane Earnst
Christine Heine
mandy sharp
Marbie Tarburton
Sherri Stiles
Micah Pflaum
Kari Miller
Law office of Martin Miller
Abriaham Miller
Denise Kaltreider
Kristi Spies
Nikki Pollard
Montez Sattman
Amanda Wolfe
Amber Dacheux
Jamie Ellis
Arvin Paleshi
Maddie Guerri
Milo Caltigrone
Kian Mistry
Junlong Liu (Alice liu)
Travis Watkins
Winnie Doll
Colin Mudrick
Hudson Doll
Eli Juffe
Avery Sterner
Liv Brewer
Nataelia Filippone
Izzy Filippone
Nivaz Kauer
Cora Malcarnes
Sawyer Linnell
Allison Saylor
Zayden Brown
Sophia Brands
Sage Peel
Annecy Georgi
Clare D'Adamo
Claire Kinsley
Izzy Cole
Mya Brewer
Charle Burt
Khloe Koop
Rana SIngh
Joe Juffe
Amelia Harmer
Reese Dacheux
jacob Mahoney
Kathleen Ritter Torres
Zaylia Brown
Sarah Hartzell (and daughter Parker Kahler)
Katie Burt
Krish Madhagoria
Lazar Filip
Emilie Kuchnicki
Makayla Kienle
Coleman Malcarne
Nate Deshields
Mackenzie Lyter
Sophie Lyter
Ellie Catsam
Arie Cole
Carson Urey
Jayce Mistry
Zane Brown
Samir Kannarkatt (Jay student)
Anthony Makisaks
Lily Holbert
Everlyn Salamone
Kara Hetrick
Bria Strom
Grayson Brown
Delany Philli[ps
Mea Dacheux
Camden Lambert
Emily Laughlin
Benjamin Shineman
Maxie D'Adamo
Harper hunter
Cam Knaub
Gabby Morgan
Skyler Roman
Lily Brewer
Amanda Stough
Jonah Lingel
Denise Hoke
Elizabeth Radimer
Alyssa Placha
Christina Herman
Wanda Thompson-Berlington
Luca Hetrick
Benjamin Grimm
Keane Carlsen
Maggie Robinson
Claire Anderson
Anna Zheng
Maddy Powell
Avery Bumbaugh
Isabella Russo
Sarah Erb
Thomas and Theresa Mudrick
Ulysses Stoutenburg
Milo Caltigrone
Nia Ruffin
Audrey Taylor
Regina Wallace
Christopher and Elaine Russo
Wesley Strom
Krickler family
Austin Boie
Teresa Wall
Bridgette Hagerty
Tia Adams
Erinn Hulley
Sarah White
Robin Brenton
Emmanuel John
Noah Juffe
Coni Wolf
Jayden Moolman
TJ Shaffer
Josiah Miller
Charles Meyd
Jake Doll
Erika later
Sadie Kraft
Olivia Kelshaw
Kimora Friend
Madeline mirasol
Matthew Jones
Uriah Goldfinger
Ellen crites
Davona Boyd
Hannah YYonker
Suzi Burt
Adelia Hilt
Madeline mirasol
Laura Wand
Soren Carlsen
Molly and Michael Wertz
Chad Bumbaugh
Jennifer Haase
Thomas and SueEllen Clay
Jenn Steel
Justin Wray
Gorana Draguljic
Jesse Croom
Charles Smith
doulas eshelman
Thamar Mistry
LuAnn Eichelberger
Cong Chu
Emily Kuhl
Leslie Yohn-Argabright
Amanda Shaffer
Germaine Boyd
Rebecca Weigle
Loretta Brooks
Oluwatoyin John
Jenn Tansey
Marilyn Gelfand
Jennifer Messerly
Teddy Heine
Suzanne and Samuel Simmons
Michael Brendle
Thank you to all of our donors!

Houndsgiving 2024

    • Happy Houndsgiving 2024

What is Houndsgiving?

On Friday, February 2, community members near and far join together in support of the Home of the Greyhounds. Alumni, Parents, Grandparents, Students Faculty and Staff, Friends, and others are invited to support our community. 

What is Houndsgiving?

Houndsgiving was created in 2017 as a 24-hour day of giving. As a nonprofit, York Country Day School relies upon donations to our Annual Fund to support our program. Funds are used for field trips, materials, supplies, facilities, salaries, financial aid, and much more. In our sixth year, Houndsgiving has raised more than $200,000 in total for our school. 

How do I donate?

There are several ways to donate to Houndsgiving. The easiest way is to use our secure online giving form at You may give today (through the weekend) and it will "count" toward Houndsgiving. You may also send a check to YCDS, 1000 Indian Rock Dam Road, York, PA 17403, or you may drop off cash/check to our front desk. Parents, your child may also bring in a donation Friday. Each class visits Houndsgiving Headquarters to donate and pick up fun swag. 

What amount should I donate?

All donations must be $1 or higher. (Please no coins.) To receive an exclusive Houndsgiving 2024 T-shirt, donations start at $25. We also have other swag for all donors. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated.

What will Houndsgiving (Friday) look like?

Music will be playing at Houndsgiving Headquarters inside the school as students arrive and depart. We will even have the rainbow balloon arch, yummy goodies, swag and more set up. Your student may drop-off his/her donation on the way to class or wait until the grade visits during the day. Either way, there is plenty of swag and fun for everyone! While Friday is a regular class day, the campus is definitely a bit extra spirited on Houndsgiving!
Stay tuned to your email and our YCDS Facebook page for updates from our mascot, Flash, and our Head of School Dr. Heine. 

York Country Day School Comprehensive Evolve Campaign

At York Country Day School, one tenet remains the same: to serve and care for our collective Greyhound family and beyond. The steadfast support remains a beacon of light for so many as we learn and lean into this journey of change. 

As we embark on our first-ever comprehensive campaign, we celebrate the opportunity to provide experiences for members of our community to ignite their intellectual, social, and civic passions. Our campaign focuses on the ability to create accessibility and affordability where a YCDS education is an opportunity for all students. 

Join us to ensure that all students and faculty have the resources and financial aid to thrive and pursue their passions in excellence.

Learn more about the Evolve Campaign here.
    • Mrs. Laura Burkey

      Director of Development

Your Gift Makes a Difference

The York Country Day School Annual Fund enhances the YCDS experience by providing vital annual support for our students in all aspects of their education.

This ensures that the school can sustain its rigorous curriculum, off-campus learning experiences, financial aid and much more.

Each donation is tax-deductible because of our 501(c)3 nonprofit status. Last year, every faculty and staff member donated to our school, which is a vote of confidence not many independent schools can boast.

We are committed to each student's success and our team effort in the realization of this ideal. Please support the future by making a gift. Thank you for your generosity!

Extraordinary by Design Capitol Campaign

There are many ways to join this historic campaign. Don't hesitate to reach out to Laura Burkey, Director of Development, at or 717.815.6713.