College Counseling

The Country Day College Counseling Office is dedicated to making the transition from high school to a selective college or university as smooth and enjoyable as possible. The primary goal of the office is to provide support for all students, helping each one find his or her most appropriate match. This process is inclusive to all grade levels in the Upper School, but the college counselor will work more closely with juniors and seniors starting the second semester of the junior year with useful information and process pieces.

As counseling becomes more individualized, a student can expect the process to grow.  We will initiate a student self-assessment, develop key individualized criteria for the search, discuss college visits, and develop plans for testing, summer experiences and curriculum. Group sessions on testing strategies, interviewing techniques, essay writing, and application completion are offered by the college counseling office through advisory time, special opportunities arranged throughout the year, and resources made available through the LMS and SCOIR.   
Families can expect to be directly incorporated into this process in a number of ways (throughout the Upper School years):

  • The College Counseling office is always open to individual meetings for Upper School parents and other persons who work in support of an individual student’s college planning.  This applies to ALL Upper School students.
  • Fall and/or Spring meetings for 9th and 10th grade families, outlining the college admission process, financial aid, trends, things to be thinking about, standardized testing prep, and more.
  • Sophomore year, an individual student/counselor meeting will be scheduled to get more directly acquainted, and to allow for greater clarity on the topic of college options, and standardized testing.
  • Junior year, an individual family meeting will be held in the winter and spring months to begin (specifically) the plan for application to colleges and firming up a standardized testing plan.
  • Senior year, an individual family meeting is available to continue the conversation on college applications, firming up the list of schools, and planning for options that will lead to a final choice college/university.  Details related to forms, process and other important items will be shared.
Ultimately, this process is best initiated through a partnership between Country Day and your family.  Ownership and leadership of this process is in the student’s hands, with ample guidance and support from the College Counseling Office, family members, teachers, and administration.  

Our students are going places, and YCDS college counseling is here to help.

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